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Addressable 7-Segment Display

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Tired of dealing with a bunch of wires and shift registers when you want to display a simple number? Check out these addressable 7 segment displays!

Only 3 wires to get them connected! Daisy chain as many displays as you want!**

Daisy Chain

**As power requirements permit. 


Fade and Pulse them!

 PCB colour will likely change to black for the final, delivered, product.

Product assembly will begin shortly after the campaign ends, and the anticipated shipping date will be late February/early March.  

How to identify display colour:

Red - BSR
Blue - BB
Green - BPG
Yellow - BY

Pre-order Production Updates:


02/01/2019: Project was successfully funded! Suppliers have been contacted and manufacturing will begin (likely after the Chinese holiday).

02/11/2019: Holiday has ended, and manufacturing by PCBWay has resumed for the PCBs. Still waiting from LED supplier. 

02/13/2019: Displays have been purchased and will need to be manufactured. Which will take approx. two weeks. I had anticipated them starting the displays before the holiday, but that did not work out. So we are behind schedule around a week or so. PCBs can be partially assembled(front side) while waiting on the LED displays.

03/04/2019: There was a longer delay getting the LED modules manufactured so PCBWay could not complete the assembly. They are now in the hands of PCBWay so they can finish the assembly and ship them off to me! 
03/14/2019: Pi Day! I had the Samples arrive from the supplier so I could give the go ahead to finish the final assembly of the displays. Awaiting their shipment!
03/28/2019: All of the displays have arrived! They are being bagged and organized. Once that is does I can pack the individual orders and ship them. Shipping should take place early next week!
04/04/2019: All Shipped! 


PCB colour is now black instead of green.

This project is open source, check out the GitHub here: https://github.com/IdleHandsProject/addr_7seg

The Addressable 7-segment Display is a hobbyist level device. Therefore, by purchasing this product you are agreeing that you understand that the Addressable 7-segment Display still requires knowledge in programming and electronics.